Hi everyone,
Sorry we have been quiet we have be trying to get all the facts and dates and then go from there.
So we can return to outdoor training on the following dates:
U7 – 9th April due to Easter weekend
U8 – 9th April due to Easter weekend
U9 – 9th April due to Easter weekend
U11s -29th March 5th/4th no training as closed for Easter Monday
U12 white – 29th March 5th/4th no training as closed for Easter Monday
U12 blue- 9th April due to Easter weekend.

Please be mindful of social distances when at Brinnington Life Leisure. No one will be allowed to enter indoors, and the Refs room should be available to use the toilet.

Games are being arranged by EMJFL who like us are eager to get the kids back ASAP, games will return Easter weekend!!
They will most likely go with a one spectator per child rule as before lockdown but this will be confirmed. Cup final dates have been arranged these will be posted soon. EMJFL have had permission from the FA to extend the league until June so that’s great news.

The Comets Team… as of yet we have had no news on recommencement but we are expecting an announcement soon and you will know as soon as we do.

Senior Teams… Cosmos & Colts. Again no announcement as yet but we are aware there is lots of work going on in the background and hopefully we should hear something soon.

If there are any tournaments you see that your team may want to enter please direct them to your manager.

I would like to thank those that continued to pay subs throughout lockdown to help the club keep going. Everyone at the club appreciates it.

We will restart Subs again on the 1st April ready for the month ahead.

Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the comeback. Hopefully no more breaks! #staysafe

Many Thanks
Heather & TK