Heather Edgerton (H)

Stockport Cosmos Club Secretary and Welfare Officer

Heather Cosmos
Heather Edgerton Cosmos Welfare Officer

Personal Profile

As the Cosmos saying goes… ‘we all need a Heather’ and I’m proud to be that Heather.

FA Qualifications

Cosmos Mini Interview

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

I had no footballing idols growing up as to be honest I hated it. Then I grew up and had kids and now I’m football mad and my football idols are my three boys, Jack, Thomas and George.

What made you get involved with football coaching?

I started Cosmos JFC because my husband loves the game and wanted to become a coach and run his own team under the original Stockport Cosmos Banner. So I put everything in motion to become the clubs, JFC secretary and the needed welfare officer. I went on all the courses needed, made the sign on/ registration forms and off we went.

We started our first season in 2018 with one junior team, now fast forward two years and we have 9 junior teams, it’s growing nicely. 😊

What’s the best thing about being part of  Stockport Cosmos?

The best thing about being a big part of Cosmos is seeing what it does for the kids and the enjoyment they get from their training, matches and social events. Also seeing the coaches we get in learn each week and develop their skills through the kids. It’s a hard job to do some days and I can be sat at the computer for hours making sure we’re up to date on policies and procedures and making sure all our coaches have or are working towards the right qualifications for coaching, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.