Dan Oatway

Stockport Cosmos Comets Under 16s Assistant Coach

Dan Oatway
Dan Oatway

Personal Profile

Dad of 3 girls, construction business owner. 
I love footy, always have. I played a lot at varying levels when I was younger, enjoyed the Saturday games for the standard and Sunday’s for the banter but eventually old Father Time caught up and I had to knock it on the head due to some pretty bad injuries.

I’ve played with some decent players in my time from Jonathan Macken while he was at Preston to a young Adam Clayton, who eventually went on to captain Middlesbrough.  The toughest I came across was a long retired Jim Gannon, still got scars from that.

Cosmos Coach Mini Interview

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

My favourite player growing up was Zinedine Zidane an absolutely brilliant player. Having had a season ticket for many many years at Man City we’ve recently been spoilt for a glut of amazing players, but one really sticks out and I’ve had the pleasure of watching David Silva week in week out. Such a natural and lovely footballer, controls the game with his range of passing, subtleness of touch and never wasting a ball, admired by opposition fans and adored by his own. I’d definitely say he’s a footballer’s footballer and you don’t get a nickname of “The magician “ ( el mago ) if you’re not a bit special.

What made you start football coaching?

I’ve always been involved in football in some capacity mostly playing / watching, but fell into the coaching. 

I brought my daughter down to join and was happy to help where I could, one thing led to another and I was stood on the opposite side for the matches and helping out coaching the kids during the week.

What’s the best thing about being a Stockport Cosmos Coach?

Being part of the Cosmos family is amazing. The work the guys  and girls do behind the scenes really impressed me when we first joined. It takes so much time, effort and organising so the kids can play and train every week so me doing my little bit is a no brainer. Working with the young adults and seeing the progression they have made over the years, not just with football, but their personal growth has been a pleasure to see, plus they’re extremely funny and have me in stitches every time I’m with them.