Chris Aspland

Stockport Cosmos Under 8s Assistant Coach

Chris Aspland

Personal Quote

Nothing beats that feeling of watching on from the sideline and seeing your team improving week on week.

Cosmos Coach Mini Interview

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

Messi. Simple as. A joy to watch. Still hoping one day I will get to see him play in person, it must be mesmerising.

What made you start football coaching?

It’s an idea which has grown on me in the last few years, and having seen 2 of my best mates get into coaching gave me that push to explore if for myself. I feel as if I’m getting too old to play forever!!

What’s the best thing about being a Stockport Cosmos Coach?

The feeling that all teams under the cosmos blanket are one big family, it’s a fun environment for the many young players to develop.