Andrew Hallows (Allers)

Stockport Cosmos Comets Under 7s Team Coach & School of Football 

Andy Hallows

Personal Profile

Coach Andy. Roadworker and father through the week. Coach/soft touch at the weekend

Coaching Qualifications

Cosmos Coach Mini Interview

Who is your favourite football player of all time?

Mark Hughes (sparky). Spent my junior years as a striker. Hughes was an elbows up, line running, scissor kicking genius. I absolutely idolised him. Had #10 HUGHES on every Utd kit growing up.

What made you start football coaching?

Started coaching because of my lad. Always something I’d envisioned happening. My dad coached me and my brother and it would be the natural progression after playing myself to stay in the game. Just always imagined it being one after the other not overlapping 😂

What’s the best thing about being a Stockport Cosmos Coach?

Best thing about being a Cosmos coach. As the u7s coach its got to be getting together a group of kids, all different characters, from different schools, and seeing them bond and become friends over a period of weeks. We haven’t even touched the surface on the football side of things yet but we have all of it to come. So just knowing we got it all to look forward to as a group exciting.